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Environmental Changes and how it affects our Health

In the world today, we hear of global warming. There are illness and deaths from changes to our environment. Such changes do influence the health of human beings in an adverse way (such as pollution causing skin illnesses, respiratory illness such as asthma, food poisoning from industrial chemicals, and food poisoning from insecticides being used by farmers). Floods, earthquakes and mudslides may spread diseases such as cholera and typhoid when the sewage systems are affected.

Take the impact of the Sun on the skin for example. Excessive Sunrays may cause human illness such as dehydration in the short term and melanoma in the long term. By virtue of excessive sun, fibroid and some cancers and diseases may worsen in our environment. To reduce the risk, take good care and protection against Sun radiation via sun shades and do minimal exposure to sunlight. Watch carefully if there are any changes taking place in your birthmarks (such as colour changes, or if getting bigger).

On the other hands, chemicals from industrial pollution, chemicals to aid manufacturing and farming as well as products from vehicles, aircrafts, ships and home/domestic  wastes are all discharged unto our environment. Some, if not all, pollute our foods and water. In turn, we eat food or drink that are from polluted water with some dire consequences. People could get poisoned if water and food are not properly treated. Skin rashes, breathing problems such as asthma, bronchitis, cancers of bladder and of lungs are some of the results of chemical pollution to our bodies.

Environmental pollution can also be from germs such as from viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites that are used industrially or from variety of sources that has not been property disposed.

Regardless of our perspectives, we are part of the ecosystem of our immediate world as well as the global environment. Wherever we may be in the world, we are part and parcel of where we live and the immediate air that we breathe. Polluted air in the environment such as burning of fuel and burning of wastes will generate fumes that may lead to irritation in our lungs and hence breathing difficulties such as asthma. Irritants on our skin may lead to allergic reaction and in children cause atopic allergic reactions. Seasonal rhinitis, perennial allergic reaction may be due to environmental pollution. Discharges from transport vehicles engines such as aeroplanes and cars causes particles to be discharged into the air. This particles may get lodged in our lungs, blood and skin. The results may be cancers in different parts of human body and respiratory difficulties. Adverse human reproduction, reduced fertility especially in women has been linked to particulates and pollutants in the air. Deformed babies can result from polluted environment as we have seen in countries where atomic bomb had been used or where nuclear radiation had leaked into the environment.

Now, the world must deal with the seas and oceans that are filled with plastics. Our food chain, human and animal nutrition are in danger from plastics and oil pollution: fishes and other seas creatures may be seriously impacted. Our entire ecosystem will be affected and human survival seems perilous.

Blocked drainages or improperly channelled water pose a serious risk to our individual and collective well-being.  Flood could cause serious damages to our properties apart from the risk of death of relatives that may result. The stress from all these adversities will often lead to anxieties and depression with consequential visits to the physician.

Prevention:  Very often the prevention starts from exerting pressure on governments and intergovernmental organisations to enact effective laws and execute proper guidance for farmers, factory owners and related industries. At individual level, we will need to adequately dispose of our wastes in a secure place. Whatever can be recycled should be recycled. Whatever can be reused such as nylon bags, should be reused.  Also, there is no substitute for good air, properly prepared food and water and avoiding overcrowding as well as paying prompt attention to our health if affected. Our environment and the health of our ecosystem are our collective responsibilities.


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