Terra Aqua Recycling Plant

Metal Recycling

Our Recycling Plant is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of a wide range of UBC based, and cast Aluminum Ingots as an intermediate material for the other Foundry Industries (i.e. production of cast iron and alloy steel products). It was incorporated in Nigeria in the year 1999 and commenced the business of manufacturing Aluminum Ingots in 2015. The facility has an installed capacity of 3000 metric tons of Aluminium Ingots per annum.

The Project site is located within Ota township area of Ado-Odo /Ota Local Government area of Ogun State. The design of the Factory conforms to the licensing requirements that a modern industry is expected to fulfill. It accords with world-wide accepted rules and regulations, especially those already endorsed by the Ogun State Environmental Protection Agency (OGEPA), and the Ministry of Environment. It also meets the reliability and safety conditions for the public, the operators and the users.



Used cans are gotten form trash bin or disposed items as solid waste and is being converted into a useful substance which yields forth ingots when it goes through all the process explained further.


The company is equipped with industrial weighing scale to ascertain weight. When the vehicle conveying the crushed can gets to the factory, both the vehicle and the crushed cans in it are weighed on the weighing scale. The gross weight is obtained. At this point the crushed cans are offloaded and then the empty truck is weighed to obtain the weight of the cans. The weighing sale clerk makes sure he takes adequate reading and adheres strictly to established procedures.



After Offloading the crushed cans the following foreign objects are removed during sorting Nylon, Plastics, Waste battery, Iron, Tin, Foils, Stones, Zinc, Burnt cans, Sand, Cans filled with nails.


To compact the cans, they are packed approximately 12kg into the bag and emptied into the bailing machine compressing chamber which will compress it. The compressed cans are removed and stacked close to the furnace. 


To heat the furnace to a required temperature, the heating pot it turned to change the heating position of the pot. The furnace Oil pump and furnace fan is turned ON and then the furnace is ignited. Allow the furnace to charge for 45 - 60 minutes, furnace is ready for melting.


Melting involves the conversion of crushed cans to Aluminium Ingots. The bailed cans are weighed and then transferred to the furnace area. The bailed weighed cans are cut into two and loaded into the furnace with approximately 500kg Melt for 5.5 – 6 hours depending on the heating intensity. It is turned occasionally. Chemicals are added to separate the dross and the aluminium so that the dross will be on top while aluminium will be below the furnace. The dross is removed and the aluminium casted. The aluminium ingots is left to cool and weighed.


Once separated out, the pure aluminum is cast into blocks known as ingots, which can be worked or shaped or used as a raw material for making aluminum alloys.