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Terra Alloy


ISO QMS 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) Certification for the production of Aluminum Alloy Ingots

Terra Aqua Environmental Consultancy Limited was incorporated in 1999 to provide consulting services in specialist areas of earth, environment and energy. The company grew to become one of the foremost environmental consultancy firms in Nigeria providing a plethora of solutions across diverse areas of environmental management to a large number of local and international clients in the manufacturing, and oil and gas sectors. From the company’s extensive exposure to various manufacturing practices and its involvement in programmes to improve the environment, the company expanded its business into manufacturing and waste recycling (Terra Alloy) with specific focus on the recycling Used Beverage Cans (UBC) into aluminium ingots. Terra Aqua Environmental Consultancy Limited then set up a recycling plant with the capacity to produce 120MT of aluminium ingots per month. This recycling plant has been in operation for five (5) years and with all its products exported. With increased investments over the years and the dedication to be one of the major players in the sector, Terra Aqua Environmental Consultancy Limited fully finance an expansion setting up a new state-of-the-earth plant and attendant infrastructure imperatives with the capacity to recycle 1800 MT of scrap metals per month. Our business is modelled around 100% export of all the Aluminium Ingots produced (except for the low value aluminium dross). Our business has a network of relationships that it leverages on in the sale of these products across the globe. With the acquisition of the new furnaces, we now have the capacity to produce two(2) types of Aluminium Ingots for export; 1. Aluminium Alloys of different grades e.g ADC12, AK5M2 etc. 2. UBC Aluminium Ingot 3000 series that can further be processed into 5000, 6000 and 7000 series Aluminium Ingots.

To be a world leading firm with an indelible footprint in all major areas of manufacturing, recycling, environmental consultancy, waste management and conversion services.

To create a self-sustaining and enduring business that is extremely sensitive and responsive to the interest of all her stakeholders (staffers, clients, shareholders, community where we operate and relevant regulatory authorities) beating stereotypes and projecting another refreshing dimension of the great entrepreneurial spirit of Nigeria to the global stage.

Terra Alloy furnace

Watch a documentary on Terra Alloy and fully understand our business process.

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