Terra Aqua Environmental Consultancy Limited

Safety, Health & Environmental Management

Terra Aqua Environmental Consultancy Ltd helps to maintain a standard of excellence that ensures continual improvement in safety, health and Environment Performance. Essentially, our area of specialization is Environmental Management, Engineering and related Services. Our firm draws from the wealth of experience of its staff over the years in dealing with environmental problems and we are well placed to fully provide such services to organizations.

Terra Aqua Environmental Consultancy Ltd was incorporated in February, 1999 as a limited liability company and has been duly accredited by the Federal Ministry of Environment (FMENv), Department of Petroleum Resources and Ogun state Environmental Protection Agency (OGEPA) as a firm of Environmental Management Consultancy.


Our services are as follows

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Environmental Evaluation Studies
  • Baseline Studies
  • Environmental Auditing & Post Impact Assessment
  • Waste Management
  • Bio-remediation & Rehabilitation of Polluted sites
  • Toxicity testing
  • Seabed Surveys
  • Bioaccumulation Studies
  • Water Quality Assessment
  • Environmental Sensitivity Index
  • Environmental Research and Development
    • Waste Reduction Scheme
    • Environmental Management Benchmarking
    • Safety, Health, and Environmental (SHE) Audit
  • Effluent treatment Plant & Monitoring
  • Air Quality Study & Assessment
  • Engineering Permits
  • Groundwater Investigations
  • Post Commission Impact Assessment (PCIA)
  • Environmental Auditing (EA)
  • Environmental Evaluation (EE)
  • Waste Auditing
  • Risk-based Analysis (Industrial Safety Analysis)
  • Industrial Cleaning (Corporate Cleaner Supply)
  • Tank Cleaning (Water & Petroleum Product Storage Tank)
  • Post Construction Cleaning
  • Post Renovation Cleaning
  • Pre/Post Party Cleaning
  • Septic Tank Evacuation/Cleaning
  • Office Complex Cleaning
  • Residential Quarters
  • Storage Spaces


  • Cleaning Chemicals
  • Industrial Detergents
  • Safety Posters & PPE
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Fumigation Chemicals
  • Safety Poster & Stickers
  • Fire Fighting Equipment