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Transforming scrap into sustainable solutions – Terra Alloy, your partner in metal and aluminum recycling

Our company has a rich background

Terra Alloy is a subsidiary of Terra Aqua Environmental Consultancy Limited and focuses on the recycling of Used Beverage Cans (UBC) into aluminum ingots. The company has been in operation for five years with a recycling plant that can produce 120MT of aluminum ingots per month. All of the products are exported globally, except for low value aluminum dross.

With a commitment to being a major player in the sector, Terra Aqua fully financed an expansion and set up a new state-of-the-art plant with the capacity to recycle 1800 MT of scrap metals per month. The company has a network of relationships that it leverages to sell its products globally. With the new furnaces, Terra Alloy can produce two types of aluminum ingots for export – aluminum alloys of different grades and UBC Aluminum Ingot 3000 series that can further be processed into 5000, 6000, and 7000 series aluminum ingots.

Terra Alloy’s dedication to innovation and sustainability in its business model ensures that waste is seen as a valuable resource, which is converted into a valuable product that contributes to a circular economy. As a subsidiary of Terra Aqua Environmental Consultancy Limited, Terra Alloy benefits from the company’s rich history and expertise in sustainable waste management solutions, making it a leader in the field of aluminum ingot production and export.

Our company is driven by a mission

To create a self-sustaining and enduring business that is extremely sensitive and responsive to the interest of all her stakeholders (staffers, clients, shareholders, community where we operate and relevant regulatory authorities) beating stereotypes and projecting another refreshing dimension of the great entrepreneurial spirit of Nigeria to the global stage.

And a Vision

To be a world leading firm with an indelible footprint in all major areas of manufacturing, recycling, environmental consultancy, waste management and conversion services.

We have highly upheld values

At Terra Alloy, we are  guided by core values such as Integrity, Competence, Professionalism, Transparency, Creativity and Innovativeness, Adaptability, Responsibility, Accountability, Dedication, and Passion for Customer Satisfaction. These values shape our commitment to ethical standards, exceptional service, open communication, innovation, adaptability, accountability, and a customer-focused approach. We strive to be a responsible and reliable company that prioritizes integrity and customer satisfaction in all our operations.

Our Team

Meet the experts behind our success

Taiwo Olayinka Adeleke-Adedoyin


Salako Mobolaji A.


Amitesh Kumar Tiwari


Fayemi Oluwatosin A.


Suleimon Falade (ACA)


Ayodele Gbolahan


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