Safety, health, environmental and drug policy

Terra Aqua Environmental Consultancy Ltd is committed to maintaining a standard of excellence that ensures continual improvement in Safety, Health and Environmental Performance.
The policy of this company is to ensure the Safety and Health of all its employees, sub-contractors and others likely to be affected by its operations while at work.
All necessary information training and supervision will be provided to ensure the implementation of the policy. Terra Aqua Environmental Consultancy Ltd believes that considerations of Health and Safety are as important as aspect of management control. All Director and Staff should observe health and safety regulations as an integral part of their organizational duties within the company’s premises, on site and in other premises where we carry out operations on behalf of our clients.
As a responsible company, Terra Aqua Environmental Consultancy Ltd actively pursue pollution prevention measures that reduce environmental impacts and conserve natural resources through
process improvement, recycling and other actions, including:
– Providing appropriate engineering controls, administrative controls and safeguards for our
– Ensuring the absence of risks to health and handling storage and transportation of material
– Providing adequate information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure the health
and safety of employees;
– Providing welfare and first aid amenities;
– Arranging safety awareness training sessions for new entrants and refresher training for all
employees engaged;
– Providing all necessary Personal Protective Equipment;
– Ensuring those requirements under the Fire Precautions Acts are maintained, and
equipment serviced regularly;
– Ensuring that documentations relating to accidents, diseases, training, plant registers and
certificates are maintained;
– The site coordinator/foreman is responsible for implementing all health and safety
regulations, advice and guidance on their sites;
– Sub-contractors will sign a declaration that they understand the company’s safety policy
and are conversant with the health and safety at work;
– Monitoring effectiveness of this safety policy, and making improvements when necessary;
– Update periodically the safety policy on new regulations and changes in the management structures;
– Supply all relevant documents in accordance with the regulations when making the initial visit to a site.
It is the intent of this policy to promote environmental friendliness, protect health, and encourage safe work practices within and outside the company’s premises.

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